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About Veronica

Yoga Guide|Peacebuilder

Veronica is committed to promoting peace, first within one’s own self and then in our communities, through her work as a yoga teacher. Veronica teaches a variety of classes throughout Marin including a non-harming, breath and alignment based Vinyasa Flow, Prenatal/Postnatal,  Mom and Baby as well as Family Yoga. She threads her trauma-informed cueing and guidance into all her public classes. Her classes offer fluid sequencing with a calm intensity and gentle reminders to stay deeply connected to one’s own unique rhythm.

Veronica began her yoga practice at the age of fourteen and maintained her practice as a curious and committed student for ten years.  It was not until the summer of 2010 that she delved into her role as a teacher by offering yoga to former child combatants in Sierra Leone, West Africa, and helped found Yoga Strength Sierra Leone. A remarkable man by the name of Tamba Fayai, who was working with Africa Youth for Peace and Development,  nudged Veronica to step into this, what would be a life changing choice, opportunity. Since then she has not stopped training and honing her offerings as a teacher. Her training includes studying with Jolie Cash, Sienna Smith, Alison Smith, Hala Khouri, Nubia Teixeira, and Ashley Sharp through schools of yoga including Corepower Yoga, Nature’s Whisper Yoga, Yoga Mountain Studio, Namaste Yoga Studio, Prison Yoga ProjectYoga for At-Risk Youth and Bhakti Nova.


Veronica holds a B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology, and an M.A. in Peace and Justice Studies. She is also certified in Conflict Resolution and Mediation and trained in Non-Violent Communication.

Listen to an Honest Mama's podcast featuring Veronica chronicling the role yoga and mindfulness continues to play in allowing her to thrive as a mother. 

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