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Private & Semi-Private Offerings 

Online or In Person 

Private Yoga Offerings 

Why invest in a private yoga session with Veronica?

​- Give your future self the gift of a restorative yoga class to help settle your nervous system leading up to a big event or to make space to really integrate anniversaries that mark challenging emotions for you. 

- Ask for a stellar Birthday gift that will allow you to connect with yourself on your Birthday. 

- Celebrate your anniversary with a partner yoga session!

- New to the practice and want hands on support and guidance to set your yoga foundation? Or want to focus on a specific body region or pose? 

 Personalized Home Yoga Sequence Package 

  • Covers 4, 1-hour private yoga sessions

  • Includes a write-up of a personalized home practice sequence rooted in your body's needs with photos of you in your best alignment in the yoga poses to help guide your home practice. 

"Veronica is kind, knowledgable and lighthearted. She’s also a deep soul with a welcome bullshit detector. You can’t fake this combination, it has to come from who you are. I signed up for four private lessons with her, having never done any yoga. I wanted to start a practice that didn’t feel like homework, that fit how I live and what I care about. She delivered beyond my hopes and now I practice regularly (mostly on my own, or at one of her classes). Highly recommended."

- Tucker Nichols,  Artist 

Yoga for Groups or Special Events

Having a retreat & want a grounding yoga practice to share with your group? Ready to bring the centering, health benefits of yoga to your company? Considering pampering your wedding party to a calming, group yoga practice before the big day is unveiled? Hosting a Babyshower for your girlfriend and want a prenatal-friendly yoga to deepen the quality of the event? 

"Veronica taught a small group of us at the women's retreat I hosted [...] in Point Reyes.  She brought peacefulness with her as she walked in the room.  She is so skilled (and creative) at teaching yoga and is also so approachable & kind.  Fabulous combination of traits; she really walks the talk of mindfulness." 

- Annie Nogg, Career & Life Coach 

Contact Veronica

Reach out here to inquire about Private Yoga or to incorporate yoga at your Special Event.

Thanks for reaching out! 

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