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Britt Williams, Co-Founder "Million Dollar Year" 

I loved working with Veronica after my daughter was born, in her postpartum classes as well as 1:1. I was eager to build strength back and to do it in a safe, mindful way, and Veronica helped me achieve both of those goals. She brought a wealth of personal experience and training to our private lessons and met me where I was, always checking in on how different movements were feeling in my body. Her astute cues made a huge difference in my quality of movement and made me feel confident in my post-baby recovery. Plus, she is a lovely human being who radiates calm and grounding. I am grateful for our time together and will be back for baby #2 if not sooner! 

Caitlin, Postpartum Mother 

My work takes me all over the world, and I have dropped in on dozens of classes and teachers.  Consequently, I have come to appreciate teachers who can strike a balance between postural mechanics and heart-centered wisdom.  Veronica strikes that balance with ease.  Core to this intuitive ease is her radiant spirit and her obvious love for what she does - a love that is both inspiring and contagious.

Jamie Redford, Documentary Filmmaker

I've practiced yoga asana with Veronica for eight years now, and can honestly say that she eats, breathes, and lives yoga.  It is a gift to practice with a teacher who I fully trust to lead me both into safe alignment in my body and my mind.  She consistently brings awareness back to the breath, and through that reminds me that yoga is more than stretching.  She is compassionate, and brings an awareness and attention to each of her students individually, offering verbal and physical cues to help each student on their own unique path.  She takes time to greet each of her students as they arrive and get to know them as people, and in so doing shows care, concern and genuine interest in their whole lives - not just their physical bodies.  Through this she builds connection and community, and I'm grateful to have her as a core part of this community.

Chris Morales, Educator

Veronica’s instruction is my perfect combination of body and soul: sharp technical focus on anatomy and alignment, along with thoughtful, personal guidance through the practice.  Plus, she always makes me laugh—just the right amount.  My favorite yoga teacher!

Lisa Hamilton, Writer & Photographer

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